Quick Start Guide - UAE PASS Staging App

This section describes how you can download and set up the UAE PASS staging application for testing/POC purposes.

Download staging app:

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UAEPASS Registration Steps:

1.Choose ‘Create Account’ option to register as new user.

2.Accept Terms and Conditions.

3. If you have Emirates ID Card, choose ‘Yes, Scan now’ option.

3.1 Scan the back side of the Emirates ID card (MRZ Code).

3.2 Confirm the personal details which has been pulled from scanned Emirates ID card.

3.3 Verify your Mobile Number, and Email.

UAE PASS will send OTP to the entered mobile number and email (Kindly make note that this is the One time activity only at the time of registration.)

3.4 UAE PASS will send OTP to the entered Mobile Number and Email.

3.5 Provide the OTP number sent to your entered mobile number.

3.6 Upon success, you need to follow same steps for Email verification.

3.7 Provide the OTP number sent to your entered email ID.

3.8 Set the PIN number to protect the application after successful verification of mobile number and email address.

3.9 Finally, continue to use the service.

3.10 User can upgrade the UAE PASS account from Basic/Unverified to verified in two ways:

You will not be able to upgrade your account with the below options on staging environment, click "later" to proceed.

Sample Basic Account Creation

Install the staging app and follow the “Sign up” process to create the Basic account yourself.​

Accounts can be created in staging from any location as there are no restrictions from UAE PASS end

Sample Verified Account Creation

After completing the above step and testing with basic profile, Using your credentials (e.g. mobile number, email, or emirates id number) you can now upgrade the staging account and issue signing certificates.

1. Go to the selfcare portal:

2. Login with UAEPASS

You can Login to UAEPASS using one of the requested Attributes.

3. Access

A notification from UAEPASS QA App will popup on registered Phone. Tap on Allow Access to continue.

4. Profile

Below you can see the Account’s and Signature Level’s current status. Tap on Upgrade Button to upgrade the account.

5. Upgrade Account

Fill in all the attributes and tap on update. You can choose which type of user account you would like; SOP1, SOP2, & SOP3.

Kindly do not downgrade an account from SOP3 to SOP2 or SOP1. The only way would be through deleting the user

6. Create Certificates

Tap on Set Sign Credentials to create Signing Credentials. For SOP2 Users, only Advanced Certificate will be applicable. Only SOP3 Users will be able to create both Advanced and Qualified Certificates.

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