Initiation Phase


Service provider to initiate the request for integration with UAEPASS through the Developer Portal (UAE PASS | Developers). (Please make sure to mention the entity type as Government or Private.)

Service Provider


Acknowledge and request for valid UAE Trade license for private entities. The respective onboarding team will guide you through the integration process based on the emirate you are registered.

Onboarding Team


Share the welcome email including UAEPASS reference documentation/videos and required information to start the onboarding process.

Onboarding Team


Service provider to share the filled questionnaires relevant to UAEPASS features going to be integrated.

1. Authentication Questionnaire

2. Digital Signature Questionnaire

3.e-Seal Questionnaire

3.1.e-Seal Certificate request form (Applicable if you are integrating e-Seal feature)

5.Hash Signing Questionnaire

Service Provider


Service provider to share workflow diagram for the UAEPASS user journey. (Please refer Use case Guidelines Section to select the suitable workflow diagram.)

Service Provider


Service provider to share UI mockups (Wire frames) for the UAE PASS User Journeys.

Service Provider


Service provider to share proof for Data store locations where data retrieved from UAEPASS are saved (For Private Entities only).

Service Provider


UAEPASS Onboarding team to evaluate and approve the use case (Any use cases that deviate from the standard guidelines, i.e., those not following the prescribed Use Case Guidelines, will necessitate approval from management. Please be aware that obtaining this approval may extend the overall processing time.)

Onboarding Team

Authentication Questionnaire (Refer Authentication Feature for more information on this feature)

Digital Signature Questionnaire (Refer Digital Signature Feature for more information on this feature)

e-Seal Questionnaire (Refer e-Seal Feature for more information on this feature)

e-Seal Certificate Request Form (Refer e-Seal Feature for more information on this feature)

Hash Signing Questionnaire (Refer Hash Signing Feature for more information on this feature)

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