Use-Case Guidelines

This document has been prepared to provide guidelines to SPs (Service Providers) be it a Government Entities SP or a Private Organization SP on how to design a use case for onboarding to UAE PASS. Through this document an SP will be able to understand the UAE PASS use case principles and guidelines that need to be adhered to while designing the use case and scenarios from user journeys perspective coming from UAE PASS sign-in.

For an SP to start their development activities, a use case flow diagram is submitted by the SP at the early stage of UAE PASS initiation phase. This document lists the most common and acceptable use case scenarios with UAE PASS. The SP is required to go through this document in details to identify the most suitable use case flow as per their relevant business requirements and submit the use case flow with the questionnaire, including the reference use case number (UC X.X.X). The use case number can be found in the Use Case Scenarios section.

Upon receipt of the use case flow diagram, UAE PASS onboarding team will be reviewing internally and avail the required approvals. Upon approval of use case, the required stage credentials will be shared by the onboarding team with the SP. Accordingly, development activities can start. After the SP concludes the Development and testing on the staging environment, the UAE PASS Onboarding team will use the use case flow as a reference to perform the assessment on staging before Go-Live.

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