4. Obtaining Document

Obtaining the Signed Document

Following the previous step, the signature portal sends the following message to UAEPASS to obtain the signed PDF document.

Obtain Signed PDF Document

GET stg-id.uaepass.ae:443/trustedx-resources/esignsp/v2/documents/

/trustedx-resources/esignsp/v2/documents/dc_9ee0990055818516249f28558e1b256b/content HTTP/1.1





Bearer <token>

Content-Type: application/pdf 


Note that the portal demonstrates its authorization for obtaining the signed document by including the access token (403e...e7b3) in the Authorization header.

Also note that the URL of the document requested is created by adding /content to the URL specified in the response received when the signature process for the document was created (the document[0].url property of the JSON object contained in the response)

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