Signing Guide

The purpose of this is to share the details and guidelines to perform the Digital Signing on PDF Document using the digital identity issued to individual and/or organizations using UAEPASS.


UAEPASS offers API and a process for performing the PDF document signing.

On a high level this operation is requested by a document signature portal or application (mobile/web) by entity (or user itself) on behalf of a user who logs in to the portal or application after authenticating in UAEPASS and completes the signing process.


  • Using UAE PASS Authentication before prompting users to Sign documents with UAE PASS is mandatory to verify if the same user logged in is signing the document.

Signing the document entails six steps:

page1. Tokenpage2. Create Signer Processpage3. Sign Documentpage4. Obtaining Documentpage5. LTV Configurationpage6. Deleting Document

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