Corporate Account

Granting Access to Service Provider (Web to App)

The following steps is for Sign-in or Log-in:

Automatic linking of individual accounts with coorporate Account

Manual linking of individual accounts with coorporate Account

Account Linking (Visual Flow)

  1. SP should not link local verified accounts with UAE PASS unverified accounts.

  2. SP should not use unverified/duplicated attributes while linking local accounts with UAE Pass.

  3. In the new account registration process through UAE Pass (during sign up or post sign in):

    • SP should not request user to create username/password for SP local account.

    • SP can create username/password in the backend but NOT share it with user.

    • SP can communicate the local account details via email or SMS only once the user clicks on Forget Password in SP login channel.

  4. For business services:

    • where the SP maintains a mapping of its users with corporate accounts; the UAE Pass UUID is to be linked corresponding to the corporate profiles authorized for the user.

    • In case SP uses different login credentials for corporate with no corresponding authorized Emirates ID numbers, then manual linking is to be performed.

    • Service Provider based on it s business requirement may allow one of more UAE PASS UUID to be linked with one or more business accounts.

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