2. Obtaining Authenticated User Information from the Access Token

The SP can validate the access token based on the information obtained in previous step. In case the SP needs to know the user who is authenticated with the presented access token then it can also fet

cURL Request

curl --location --request GET 'https://stg-id.uaepass.ae/idshub/userinfo' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <<Token to get the authenticated user profile>>'

API detail to get user info

GET https://stg-id.uaepass.ae/idshub/userinfo





Bearer {access token received from client app or required to validate}

"sub": "800F475AC0E7A9ED01B2D5D2C25A59B3",

………… "acr":
"urn:safelayer:tws:policies:authentication:level:high", "mobile": "9715555555555",
"amr": [ "urn:safelayer:tws:policies:authentication:adaptive:methods:mobileid", "urn:uae:authentication:method:verified"
] }

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