Objective of Use Case Scenarios

A use case is the flow diagram of the user journey on your application, before applying and after integrating with UAE PASS, the same should be described in writing in the Questionnaire documents.

The objective of documenting the use case scenarios is to help the service providers understand what we refer to as a use case, and that’s by providing different visual flows in this document. The use case is a visual representation of a successful authentication from the time the user clicks on Sign-in or Sign-up, get identified by the service provider Application, perform Account Linking, store user data and use the correct standard error messages. Given the increasing numbers of service provider across the UAE and having different onboarding teams deployed across the UAE, it is very important to maintain a consistent user experience/ user journey for all UAE PASS users, and that’s by unifying the main principles of a use cases.

Use cases can be on different channels (portals or mobile apps). The service provider needs to go through this document in details, select one of the pre-defined use case, suggest amendments based on the service provider business if applicable and then submit the use case scenarios accordingly to the onboarding team.

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