Submission for Approval

1. Fill the required forms:

Service provider to fill the relevant questionnaire below and send it to the respective Onboarding Team for validation.

Private entity needs to submit valid Trade License in addition to the use case questionnaire

Authentication Questionnaire

Digital signature questionnaire

eSeal questionnaire

eSeal certificate request form

Hash signing questionnaire

2. Request Staging Credentials and Submit your Use-Case/flow

Upon Approval, you will receive staging credentials. Kindly note that approval would be based on specified forms.

3. Change Staging Credentials

Change Generic Credentials to Staging Credentials provided and prepare for Assessment.

4. Staging Assessment

Upon Success, you will be requested to fill out below go live form to provide production credentials:

Below folder contain assessment checklist for all features for your reference:

5. Production Assessment

After going live, production assessments will be done using the same assessment checklist conducted in the staging.

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