Automatic Linking

UAE Pass UUID or Emirates ID should be used to link the user. The service provider should maintain a reference to either values to allow the user to login.

Other attributes should always be compared & updated at every login in the service provider system as they can be changed by the user at anytime.

Service provider can use mobile or email for onetime user linking.

Note: Linking should be done based on UUID and Emirates ID only, since UAEPASS provides an option to change the Email and Mobile in UAEPASS account.

Local AccountUser Profile Action

Account Linking (One time activity)

1 Record is Found

Auto matching the user formation between UAE Pass and local account.

SOP 1, 2, 3

Link user with UAEPASS using one of the unique key attribute (SPUUID, EID, Email, Mobile)

  • SmartPass SPUUID

  • Veified and Unique EID

  • If both Email and Mobile are verified (link with Verified Email & Mobile)

  • If the email is the unique identifier (link withonly verified Email)

  • If the mobile is the unique identifier (link with only verified Mobile)

Note: If the neither mobile or email are verified, then the SP has to ask the user to verify the registered Mobile or Email before performing the Automatic linking.

Account Linking (One time activity)

2 Records are Found

Auto matching the user information between UAE PASS and local account.

SOP 1, 2, 3

If more than email is found under 1 unique verified EID

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